Our Classes Timetable

We are so excited to be coming back from 23rd Feb for Baby on Board and 1st March for CoreWorks for the following weekly classes. We have a Mummy Rebuild 4 week course starting Thursday 23rd February 8.15-9.15pm at K2 Crawley, if you would like to come along then please get in touch admin@fitmummy.co.uk.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
 Mummy and baby CoreWorks 11 – 11.45am (K2 Leisure Centre Crawley (max 15 spaces)  Baby on Board (Antenatal) 7.15pm – 8.15pm (K2 Leisure Centre Crawley) (max 18 spaces)

Our Classes – Breakdown

Baby on Board – A pregnancy specific exercise class for all ladies from 12 weeks to 41 weeks pregnant, a combination of aerobic, toning and strengthening exercises, designed specifically to prepare you for birth. £32 for 4 consecutive weeks or £10 pay as you go.

Mummy and Baby CoreWorks – Rebuild those important muscles weakened in pregnancy, get strong and lean with this relaxed pace whole body workout. Babies very welcome.

£28 for 4 consecutive sessions or £9 pay as you go.

Please see other services for more of what we do.


Other Services

New Mum Health Check

This is a one to one assesment with a Fit Mummy trainer, we will look at your posture and movement, take a history of what you have done, how your pregnancy and delivery was and what your fitness goals are. We will then assess your movement and posture to see how you are functioning and abdominals to check if they have come back together and your overall tone. We will then take you through some strengthening exercises for your core and pelvic floor health as your first step back into exercise. You will leave with a checklist of do’s and donts for you to go away with. To follow on you can either attend our 4week Mummy Rebuild course or book a block of 4 one to one Core Rehab sessions with us and and we will take you through everything you need to get your body back on track.

£40 for New Mummy Health Check ( A must for every new mum)

£99 for 4 Core Rehab sessions (30-40mins) (usual price £120)

Mummy Re-build – this is a 4 week tailor-made course for all mums. This course is a structured class where each week we will be showing you different types of exercises to re-build those important core and pelvic floor muscles to help support the back, bring abdominals back together and help reduce any weakness “down there”. This course will give you the tools and strength needed to get back to “normal” exercise safely. This is small group training so you will get the attention and support needed. Weekly exercise and education sheets will be handed out so you can practice what you have learnt along with nutritional advice and a routine to follow at the end of the course, this programme gets results with on average a good 2-3cm loss off our previous mummies waists. Yay!

For the next course dates please contact admin@fitmummy.co.uk

Course Fees £60

Educational workshops- Every few months we run workshops bringing you the most up to date information related to prenatal and postnatal exercise with some helpful tips and exercises on the way. For example weight control in pregnancy, how to help back pain in pregnancy, what to do when you have had your baby, what foods are good for me when I am breastfeeding. We are always open to suggestions so if there is anything you would like to know more of then get in touch and keep an eye out for our workshops dates.

Please contact us to book a Mummy Health Check or Mummy Rebuild Course or just to join our mailing list so you get this infomation first.