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We are based at Total Body Treatment Suites at K2 in Crawley. At the treatment rooms there is Jimmy Chop Chop Hairdressers, David Such Osteopathy and 3 Massage therapists offering the following treatments.

Pregnancy massage, Sports/deep tissue Massage, Swedish massage, Indian head massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Facials and face and ear acupuncture. So if you are looking for a treatment either contact Lizzie 07939656082 or you can book an appointment online at all details and prices can be found there too.

Hot stone massage

Hot Stone massage is known for it’s relaxing qualities, by warming the stones and placing some on the body and massaging with the others. The heat of the stones allows the therapist to go deeper into the muscle tissues, releasing built up tension. This treatment leaves you feeling like you are floating on air.

  • Back neck & shoulders 45 minutes @ £45
  • Full Body 60minutes @ £55

Indian head massage

For the Indian head massage you will be seated instead of lying down. Slow sweeping strokes into upper back, shoulder and neck area releasing any built up tension. Working up slowly to head and using relaxing and stimulating techniques to wake up the nerves and finishing with a relieving face massage. With the massage that includes the back, the last 15minutes you will be asked to lay on your front on the massage couch and the therapist will work through the back to finish.

This massage is using relaxing massage techniques and working through, Legs, feet, back,  shoulders, chest (covered at all times) arms, neck and face.

  • 45 minutes @ £40.

Stress relief massage

These are for those times when you just want to switch off and take some time for you. Enjoy!

What is involved in a relaxing treatment?

The first thing you will be asked to do is complete a form regarding your current health and medical history and life style. This is to ensure the massage is right for your needs. Your answers will be treated in confidence. You will then be asked to change in private into clothing that facilitates the massage. During the massage you will always have a towel or robe over you, the only part of the body to be exposed will be the area that is being massaged. The aim is that you should at all times feel happy, comfortable and relaxed.

  • Back neck and shoulders 30 minutes @ £30.
  • Full body 60 minutes @ £45.

This massage is designed specifically for the back, neck and shoulder area, by using slow sweeping stokes with minimal pressure to release tension with the most important aspect being to relax you and leave you with a feeling an energised calm ready to take on the next day.

Sports massage

Why might you need a massage?

All of us I am sure have felt at some time or another, soreness, straining, bruising, tightness, pain or weakness in a muscle. 80% of people will at some point in their life suffer with back problems.  This is mainly due to our lifestyle choice and work commitments. Many clients that come for sports massage are office workers that are sat at their desks for 8 hours a day, this stationary position puts the muscles under tension for a long period of time which means the muscles get used to and stay in that position. Overtime this causes pain and restriction in shoulders, neck and lower back, muscles  become locked  and when the individual try’s to move the muscle won’t let them, causing pain and discomfort  and often headaches.

Sports injuries- their treatment and prevention

If a minor injury is left untreated at an early stage it could potentially lead to a more serious chronic condition (long term problem).

Sports massage does the following:

  • pumps blood around the body
  • stretch muscles
  • reduce/remodel scar tissue
  • reduce pain and discomfort
  • improve performance

Your treatment will consist of soft tissue techniques that can breakdown adhesions in the muscle fibres and relax and stretch muscles in turn strengthening them and the opposing muscles which would have become stretched and weak. Remedial exercises will also be provided when necessary that can be done at home to aid your recovery and enhance your day to day living or sports performance.

Price List is for in-Clinic treatment.

Sports massage

  • 60 minutes – £48
  • 30 minutes – £30

For more information or to book an appointment contact Lizzie or book online at