Hypopressive Training

Lizzie and Sarah at Fit mummy believe every new mum or not so new mum should do this as part of their postnatal rehabilitation and it is therefore a key element and main focus in our postnatal recovery courses.

Hypopressives means low pressure, and the Hypopressive Method is a form of exercise designed specifically to target the core without inflicting detrimental pressure to the adbominal wall or pelvic floor.

While we spend long hours trying to get into or maintain our shape and flatten our abs, most of the conventional exercises practiced today (e.g running, traditional abdominal and core exercises, and other impact activities involving jumping or pounding) target muscles in such a way that actually promote problematic increases in pressure.

The Hypopressive exercise method is a safe and effective way to train those muscles needed to withstand any problematic pressure that can result from our everyday living or exercise, and allow us to safely and confidently continue doing the acivities we love.

When pregnant the baby obvously creates a lot of pressure in the lower abdominal cavities due to the weight of the baby, also as baby grows your abdominals stretch and part slightly so when your baby is delivered you will be left with loose muscle tone and the abdominals will need to be strengthend and encouraged to come back together to help support the lower back and stregthen the pelvic floor.

We find that hypopressives is the safest most effective way to do this, if you go straight back to normal exercise after having your baby you will more than likely suffer with pelvic floor issues or lower back problems due to the back doing the job the abdominals should be doing.

We run monthly workshops for women and men in hypopressives, early postnatal courses for mums from 2weeks postnatal and mummy rebuild for more established mums, get in touch for more details.

For further details please visit: http://www.completecorecontrol.com/